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Before Your First Visit


For many children, the first visit to the dentist can be nerve-racking.  You can help put your child at ease by preparing them for the visit beforehand.  One way to accomplish this is to discuss with your child what will happen when they come to our office for their first visit.  You can assure your child that the dentist will be kind and gentle and let them know that the dentist will "clean and count their teeth" and "take pictures of their teeth".    We ask that you do not tell your child that going to the dentist "will not hurt" , that you dislike going to the dentist, or use words like shot, needle or drill as this may instill fear and anxiety before their first visit.   Our goal is to help your child think positively about visiting the dentist and receiving care and we will work extremely hard to make sure that their first visit is a positive one.



The First Visit


At your first visit, we will review your child's health history form with you. Your child will meet Dr. Damascus and our staff.   Parents are always welcome in the treatment rooms at our office and we encourage you to remain with your child.  This will allow you to get to know Dr. Damascus and her staff and ask any questions you may have.  During the examination, Dr. Damascus will perform a complete head and neck exam, evaluate your child's occlusion or "bite", examine your child's teeth and gums, take any dental x-rays that are needed, clean your child's teeth, apply fluoride and review oral hygiene instructions and provide diet advice.   Dr. Damascus will explain each step to both you and your child and demonstrate how each instrument works beforehand to help keep your child at ease.  If your child requires any additional treatment, we will review what treatment is needed with you, discuss the best way to successfully complete the needed treatment and schedule an appointment for a later date.  At the end of the visit, your child will receive a new toothbrush to take home and will be able to select a prize.   Our office is equipped with a TV system that is able to be suspended above the dental chair so your child can watch their favorite show while their examination and cleaning are being completed, if they wish.

Patients Referred From Other Offices


Very frequently we will see patients from other nearby offices for treatment.  When referred from an outside office for care, our office policy is to set up an initial consultation with Dr. Damascus so that your child can become acquainted with our office and the doctor.  At that visit, we will review any X-rays sent from your dentist's office or take x-rays, if none were able to be taken previously.  We will complete a full exam and review what treatment is needed and how it will be completed.  You will have the opportunity to discuss the treatment plan with Dr. Damascus, ask any questions you may have and review any concerns.

Cancellation Policy


Because we only schedule one patient at a time, we kindly request you cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance. If you fail to come to your scheduled appointment, we do not have another patient readily available to take your spot. This is because we do not "double book".  We want to be able to give each patient our undivided attention.  As a result, any appointment that is not cancelled prior to 24 hours will incur a $75 late cancellation fee.  We understand that unexpected things can happen.  As a courtesy, we will waive the late cancellation fee one time.  

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